Commercial Locksmith

Whether You’re A Small Business Or A Large Commercial Enterprise, You Can Value The Commercial Locksmith Services We, At Unlock-It Provide.

From the smallest of stores to the largest of enterprises, you will need a good reliable commercial locksmith to help with your commercial locksmith needs, installation, maintenance and upgrade! To help improve your sense of safety, call Ninja Kwik Block for a free consultation to help secure your business!

We strive to consistently help our customers achieve the level of security and service they require. Seeing the employee turnover and security issues most businesses face, you will often require a trusted locksmith to regularly change, rekey or update your locks to make sure your business is secure on an ongoing basis.

Whether you’re a small business or a large commercial enterprise, you’ll face multiple commercial locksmith needs. From installing locks and locking systems, to file cabinet locks, padlocks and other types of locks in and around the office space, warehouse, or store.

For Larger Offices, And Larger Enterprises We Recommend Using A Master Key System

A Master Key System is a master key that can operate multiple locks gives you control over your office space, makes it easier to manage, and helps prevent lockouts! We also install, maintain, and fix door closers, panic bars, and exit devices! These are essential for the security needs of your business! Installing these will assist in a sense of security and safety!

We recommend using high-security locks on the business front, as they are harder to maneuver, and will provide you the security and peace of mind of knowing your place of business is secure and protected from break-ins or tempering!

Lock Rekey, Is The Action Of Changing The Key Configuration On An Existing Lock Without Replacing The Entire Lock.

If a disgruntled employee left, you moved into a new office/store,or you just want to refresh, you’ll want to change the locks, and usually rekeying a lock will be the cheaper, more affordable option. We, at Unlock-It, can rekey most locks, thus completing the task and saving you a lot of money in the process!

Whether you’re locked out of the front door of your business, your office, all the way to the bathroom stall, you can trust us at Unlock-It to Unlock your problems! We are skilled in lock picking and can unlock any and every lock, to make sure you can get back on your day as soon as possible! Most commercial locks are tougher and harder to manipulate, which is why you need an experienced locksmith to assist you with all your commercial/business lockout needs!

Commercial Locksmith Services We Offer: