Residential Locksmith

We Can Help With Your House Lockouts, House Rekeys, Your Broken Locks, Lock Installations And Lock Replacements

Residential locksmith work refers to all lock services performed on your home, apartment, condominium, or basically any non-commercial location.

Some of the most frequent calls we get are to assist with a house lockout. Whether you’re locked out of your house, apartment or condominium, we at Unlock-It understand that an emergency has no time frame, and getting locked out can happen any time, day or night. No matter the time you can rest assured you’ll receive the same fast service, and fast arrival time, to make sure you’re safe inside your home!

Here at Ninja Kwik Block, we are experts in lock picking, and our high success rate with picking locks will save you a lot of money, since most cases the locks wouldn’t have to be drilled out and replaced! Unfortunately, some locksmith companies will drill out a lock as a part of an upsell, to replace your locks, when in fact, they could have just picked the lock, and gained entry without breaking the locks.

Ninja Kwik Block residential locksmith technicians will get the job done, inexpensively as possible. We understand that getting locked out of your home is a frustrating experience, and we will do our best to provide you with high quality, fast service, and all for the right price! Most occasions during a home lockout, you will have a spare key inside your home, but in the case that you require a key, our technicians will be able to rekey your lock, and provide you with new keys, all in order to assure your safety and satisfaction!

In the case that you’re locked out of your home because your lock broke or is not working properly, our technicians can fix most locks, and in the case that your lock can’t be fixed, we carry different grades of locks and can cater to all your security needs!

Another Frequent Residential Locksmith Service We Perform Is Lock Rekeying

Rekeying a residential lock is done in order to replace the working key on a lock so that a new key will operate said lock instead, or you have several locks that you would like to use the same key.

If you wonder who has your home key, or lost a set of keys, rekeying your locks is a smart way to guarantee unauthorized entry to your home, and making sure that your keys are in the right hands, as well as rekeying is usually the more affordable option since you won’t have to replace the whole lock.

In the case you decide on changing your home locks, we offer a variety of locks to fit the level of security you desire.

We recommend at least a Bump Proof lock, as unfortunately, most hardware brand locks are very easy to manipulate using a bump key. Lock bumping is a common problem these days, as locks can be picked using a specially cut key and a bit of force, which is a reason to upgrade your locks, and gain a better sense of safety in your home. We can also provide you with high-security locks which are also picked proof and drill proof, which will provide the highest level of security that locks can provide.

Residential Locksmith Services We Offer:


When dealing with evictions, you need a reliable and prompt residential locksmith to accompany you and the Constable to the property where the eviction is taking place. We will unlock the locks if access cannot be otherwise obtained, and change or rekey the locks, to ensure the old keys no longer work

REOs (Real-Estate Owned Properties)

We will rekey locks if possible, or replace locks entirely if they have been damaged over time. If needed, we can put a lockbox on the door so only the appropriate person can gain access once the home has been secured. If you own more than one property we recommend our Master Key system, which allows a single key to operate on multiple locks, assisting with better maintenance and upkeep of your properties.